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If you’re like me, you have a lot of accounts, which requires you to remember multiple passwords. Quite honestly, I can be lazy and get happy when an app/website allows me to log in with my Facebook credentials, but that’s not always a smart move. Padlock allows you to store your login credentials and offers its users a username and password option so you don’t open yourself to hackers. There’s also a cloud feature which synchronizes your Padlock data between multiple devices. 
Where to Get it: Available: IOS, Android, Chrome Extension











Think of Momentum as a simple, clutter-free personal dashboard. It’s designed to eliminate distractions and provide inspiration and focus. Momentum replaces your new tab page on Chrome with your focus goals. When you download it on your computer and open a new tab, it greets you with a beautiful photo paired with a quote of the day, the time, weather and a message prompting you to enter your focus for the day.

Where to Get it:: Chrome Extension

Paper by Fifty Three












Have you ever fallen asleep on the train and a sketch idea wakes you up, only realize you don’t have a piece of paper it write it down? Well, Paper is your answer. This app is not only simply beautiful and clean, but it allows you to edit, draw and sketch out your ideas on your iPad and iPhone. You have the option to purchase the official stylus-like Pencil or use our own. To top it off, it offers inspiration in the Mix — a community space for sharing ideas with other creatives.  

Where to Get it: IOS











Trello is a simple, webbased visual task management software for your team (or just for your personal project). Your task lists are stacked like cards so you can drag and drop each one in between. It also allows you to integrate Slack and IFTTT for better efficiency.

Where to Get it: IOS, Android













Are you are in the market for a clean and simple collaborative productivity app that manages your task list? Todoist is it. It monitors your efficiency. It also has multiple plugins that pair with your mobile devices, email, browsers and computers.

Where to Get it: IOS, Android, Windows

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