Jarrod Anderson Talks Photography #ForTheCulture

Emotional, mystic and adventurous are only a few words that would describe photographer Jarrod Anderson's (JD's) work. Current MiMber and NYC resident, JD carefully crafts beautiful, candid imagery to emit awe-inspiring moods and moments. Though he has a strong passion for photography, he's more than meets the eye. 

Starting photography primarily as a means to save money for his social events company, DaySpark Events, JD remembers when he could hardly use his camera. "I could barely get the flash to work or change any settings so I shot in auto mode, but that doesn't always give the best photos. After a few YouTube tutorials and playing with my camera I finally know most of my controls," explained JD.

Inspiration for JD stems from any and everywhere. After reading Steal Like An Artist he learned that artists frequently steal their inspiration from someone else and apply their own twist to it. He now leans into Instagram and Tumblr for ideas of what he'd love to recreate. 

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