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Accomplishing one's dreams is no easy feat — but for one woman, she's doing just that and more.

Born in North Philly, Delilah Dee is already making quite a name for herself in her hometown. The Pennsylvania State University graduate with a degree in communications decided to create her own path to success, and so far, it has unfolded opportunities for her that she would've never imagined.

Delilah's deepest passion is helping underprivileged youth get their foot in the door in media and the entertainment industry. The young entrepreneur says her love for giving back and helping out the younger generation stems from her transformative years at Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School. It was there that Delilah was introduced to Joseph Proietta, who is now her mentor. From the constant support and encouragement from Mr. Proietta, Delilah was able to hone in on her skills and talents to create her brand, Delilah & Company.

Currently, Delilah & Company serves as a digital media outlet and events agency that pushes nothing but positive messages from entertainers to the public. Delilah & Company also created the hashtag #OccupyingYourMindset that releases a series of content and events to give people a better understanding of the power they have when they take control of their mindset. While her company has been around for an impressive three years, Delilah has her eyes set on evolving the publication into a full-fledged media production company. 

Getting to this landmark in her career, however, required a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears. Looking back on her childhood, Delilah recounts how seeing her mother tirelessly work day and night to put food on the table for her and her brother pushed her to work even harder to achieve her dreams. From her first work-study job at Penn State to her first professional job as a production assistant on the hit show "American Idol," Delilah never let her shortcomings hinder her from her destiny. 

I’m crazy about seeing my goals come to life, so I had to build my own platform.twitter_newbird_blue

Aside from running her blog, which currently gets an average of 10K views per month, Delilah also works as a full-time family and events coordinator at the Community Academy of Philadelphia. The opportunity was life changing for Delilah. She uses her position at her alma mater to bring in motivational speakers for the students and helps them learn to navigate life and their cultural identities — something Delilah struggled with herself. 

It's not taught in school how to love and appreciate your identity, but that’s why I've brought a lot of new programs to help students as they matriculate. 

As a Latina, Delilah says it took her a while to learn to truly accept and embrace her ethnicity. She recalled how growing up, seeing Latinas depicted majorly as either "Spanish girls in general dancing behind the scenes or the mistresses" fueled her to get more involved in her culture and Latina issues. 

There’s so much more to us [Latina women] than that. We can be boss women as well — we are more than our pretty faces.twitter_newbird_blue

Three years into following her dream, the biggest takeaway from the experience for Delilah so far is realizing to "just keep pushing forward." And while success may not be guaranteed, she lives by the motto, "If you change one person’s life, you change the world." She also reminds people that it is extremely important to not only take care of your physical health but to always be conscious of your mental and financial health, as well. 

To follow Delilah along her journey, check out her Facebook and Twitter pages — and to keep up with her blog, visit delilahandcompany.com

Header photo courtesy of Delilah 

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