The Biggest Cause Of Holiday Stress Isn’t Working

Minorities In Media Connect
Minorities In Media Connect

As the holiday season rears its merry head, covered in tinsels and ornaments, many millennials are dreading the "how many days off do you need" conversation with their bosses. 

Let's face it, as a young, 20-something in the workplace — and oftentimes the only person of color — it's no surprise if you feel pressured to work twice as hard, stay later than the last person and come in early every day. And according to new information, the stresses of the workplace increase even more during time span between holiday season and the New Year.  

A study by The American Psychological Association discovered that a staggering 36 percent of millennials reported increase in stress in the past year alone — and more than half lay awake at night because of it. 

But the thought of working on Christmas Day isn't the sole cause of anxiety among young workers. Business coach Sean Redmond noted, "Work is busy and extra things […] make this a high-pressure time of year. Then there’s the financial stress. Millennials are chronically stressed about money and living debt-free. Money has been paid out from all directions and there is a lot of anxiety around waiting on end of year performance reviews and bonuses."

So, how do you avoid the stresses of the workplace during the holiday season? 

Here are a few tips to stay happy and healthy into the New Year: 

  1. Ask your manager for permission to come in the office late 
  2. Take a few days off from work 
  3. Drink….  a lot of water
  4. Budget for holiday and New Year spending 
  5. Decorate your office space
  6. Exercise or do yoga 
  7. Don't miss out on your office's festivities 
  8. Work ahead 
  9. Focus on what matters the most 
  10. Turn off the technology 

How do you avoid holiday stress? Let us know in the comments below 

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