3 Ways to Monetize Your Morning Commute

Everyone knows the saying, "time is money" — and that reigns true for most of us balancing our daily responsibilities while relying on multiple sources of income. More common side hustles involve creative skills to some degree. To fuel your entrepreneurial drive running smoothly, however, you'll need to be strategic.

For those of us that take the train or bus each morning, here are three easy ways to optimize your mundane commute by moving the needle on your income:

1. If you're a freelance writer or blogger, you can draft your stories and articles from your phone. If you have your topic, write out your main points on the train. That way, when you sit in front of your laptop, the content just rolls off your fingertips. If you're really passionate about what you're covering, you might be able to complete an entire article!

Full disclosure: This entire piece was written on the Q train to Brooklyn.

2. Subscribe to a daily news brief like TheSkimm and read the top stories of the day from your phone while on the train. For social media gurus, a lot of content is dependent on relevant news and articles. If your content is based off full articles, you can find the articles ahead of time & download them as pdfs on your phone/tablet for your commute. Put your phone to work by taking it a step further and write out your social posts. Email your notes to yourself and you're ready to schedule your content! Easy.

3. For those specializing in PR, Podcasts, Vlogging or journalism, plan your pieces on the train. Taking on a new PR client? Download your client's web page as a PDF on your phone and brief yourself on their brand during your ride. Podcasters and journalists can prep for upcoming features by brainstorming interview questions, angles and topics during your commute.

You'll be surprised at what you can achieve in 30 to 45 minutes with a little bit of focus. Plan your next steps carefully and cut down on the unfocused hours in front of your laptop. Your wallet and your social life will thank you.

Have additional side hustle life hacks? Comment below and let us know!

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