Here’s What You Can Learn From Yahoo’s Typo

Minorities In Media Connect
Minorities In Media Connect

Imagine going through your work day completing your usual tasks. You write out all social media content for the week, schedule each post to go live and then clock out for the day. A couple hours later you notice an influx of notifications coming to your phone and realize that your company is trending because of you, but not in an ideal way.

Thursday night, Twitter users were caught off guard when a scheduled Yahoo Finance tweet appeared on their timelines. 


The racial slur was an unfortunate typo that ignited Black Twitter and served as the source for some hilarious content — making #N*ggerNavy and #BlackTwitter one of Twitter's Trending Topics with over 560,000 tweets. 











Although most black social media users weren't offended by the racial slur, as media professionals it's our responsibility to make sure the content we put out into the world is error free. Here are three tips to integrate into your daily routine that will make sure you don't make this same mistake.

1) Install Grammarly on your computers.

Grammarly is a free tool that works anywhere you write on the internet. It checks for spelling and grammar errors and helps you write mistake free pieces.

2) Double check your work.

We're often in a rush when it comes to meeting deadlines. Make double checking your work a part of your production process.

3) Read your work aloud.

After reading things multiple times to ourselves, it's likely that we'll glance over a few words. Reading your work aloud gives you another buffer and allows you to make sure everything you've written makes sense.


Share your personal tips and tricks below.



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