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Minorities In Media Connect
Minorities In Media Connect

This week, we're shining a light on Marquise Francis, the social media manager for History and History NOW.

Read below to learn more about Marquise's story and tips for navigating social media as a person of color.  

Age, location, and what do you for a living?  
25, Harlem, Manager, Social Media for History/History NOW (A&E Networks)

How long have you been at History NOW?  
Since January 2016

What did you do prior to the role you have now? 
Prior to A&E Networks, I worked at MSNBC for two and a half years with PoliticsNation with Rev. Al Sharpton as an Anchor Producer/Production Assistant. In this role, I did all things social media, show production and traveling with Rev. Sharpton to produce bigger shows across the country. It was an amazing experience of growth and maturation coming straight out of college into the world of politics and television production and here is where I discovered a life in digital media was for me.

What do your responsibilities consist of?
Currently, my responsibilities are two-fold. On the History NOW side, I help find people all over the world "making history," interview them and push out the final video my editor puts together through our social channels. Additionally, I find partnerships that make sense for our brand and find new opportunities for us to explore. In just over a year, we've amassed 90K likes on Facebook, 24K on Instagram and 3.2K on Twitter with all organic content (Fighting to get a large paid budget for this year). The other side of my role is managing all of the branded social content for the History proper platforms, which to date has amassed 40M+ fans on Facebook and more than 1.5M on Twitter and Instagram. In this part of my role, I push out all branded content from, internal creative teams and come up with new creative content that makes sense coming from the brand and develop unique ways in which to push it out. One thing I enjoy best about this part of my role is bringing my personal interests to life. For example, this past February in honor of Black History Month, I was able to bring a camera crew with me to the Apollo Theater and interview the in-house historian about The Apollo's place in Black History.

What habits helped make you successful?  
Personally, my faith and the close circle I keep contribute to my happiness and ultimately my success. I know without God I am nothing and God wants the best out of all of us. I use each day to be better than I was the previous and I realize God doesn't accept mediocrity. Also, being a part of such organization as MIMConnect and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. surrounds me with folks who are eager and hungry to be great. In turn, this pushes me to be the best that I can be.

Being the social media manager for History NOW requires you to always be online and aware of what's going on. What are your tips to balance work and life?  
My tips to balance work and life include first enjoying what you do. What makes social media exciting to me is the fact that as millennials, we are always on our phones going from one platform to the next. Now, sending out a tweet or a Facebook post is what I actually get paid to do! For me, sending out a tweet about something big that just happened or publishing another video we just completed is fun because this is something that I would do in my own time. Additionally, people don't always say it enough, but knowing your worth is something very valuable. The reality is, you can enjoy what you do, but realize you work to live, you don't live to work. Work hard in and out of the office, but know when it's time to put your phone down or take a step away. Life outside of your office is likely where you will have the biggest moments of growth in your life so enjoy it.

How did you conquer the moments of doubt you had regarding in helping to create History NOW?  
Once again faith will get you through anything. Leaving NBC was one of the biggest decisions of my life, but it was something I know that I needed to do. I had interned at NBC for three summers and worked there for the first 2+ years of post-grad so it was really all I knew. Yet, I also knew that I had hit my personal ceiling with the company and wanted a change and a new challenge. Taking the leap to A&E Networks was nerve-wracking, but exciting at the same time. I remember telling myself every great, successful person has the story of the risk they took and this will be part of my story. Since I have transitioned, my role's responsibilities have grown leaps and bounds and I feel like my work is making a direct impact on the lives of others.

One book, quote, song or piece of inspiration you live by? 
It may be a bit corny, but my fraternity's motto, "Achievement in every field of human endeavor" is something I hold close to my heart. In the way I approach my work to the way I dress each day to the relationships I build day in and day out, achievement is something that isn't a choice for me, but a requirement.

You can follow Marquise on Twitter and Instagram, and watch his latest project below:  

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