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MiM -- Wize Millennial Monday

This week, we're shining a light on Wize Soul, an entrepreneur based in Brooklyn. Wize is the founder of the Indie Creative Network, an on-demand production and distribution platform hub for Black and Brown communities across the world.

Read below to learn more about Wize's story and top tips for finding success as a minority in the media field. 

How old are you, where do you live, and what do you for a living? 

28, Brooklyn, Entrepreneur (Creative Director at Indie Creative Network)

What inspired you to start the Indie Creative Network?

A couple of things, I had a live radio show that I converted into a podcast in 2015 and for the first time, I saw the behind the scenes admin work that goes into pushing a broadcast platform.

How long have you been in business?

18 months

What were you doing before you created the Indie Creative Network?

I was a part-time radio show host at various local stations and a full-time Underwriting Associate at Chubb & Son.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about being a young entrepreneur of color?

Great question, I’d say one of the biggest misconceptions is that you need money to make it work. The barter system still works in 2017, especially if you’re serious about your work.

How did you conquer the moments of doubt you had regarding creating Indie Creative Network? 

I channeled my fear and doubt and restructured it into confidence and motivation. I thought about the people I was helping… The 60+ people who are on the network, the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve given our content a chance, and the millions who haven't yet. Those people count on me and I’d be a fool if I let doubt stop me from following my passion.

What is the biggest factor pushing you to strive for success?

My daughter Brianna. I recognize my privilege of being a 1st generation kid and the access it gave me to call another country home. I recognize that not a lot of people have that perspective, and I want my daughter and other people’s kids to be able to be aware that the world is bigger than the block, your state and your country. The diversity of the Black and Brown Diaspora is amazing, and we should all be aware of it.

What do your responsibilities consist of?

OMG, a lot! Managing and communicating with both the administrative team and the creative team, planning out how to market the network, the shows, individual episodes, the hosts, booking out our studio, booking guests — I could go on for days.

One book, quote, song or piece of inspiration you live by?

I worked at a Digital Agency in Barbados in 2010, and my Australian Creative Director reminded me of a saying from the South, “Git er done,” and I’ve lived my life with that mentality since then.

You can follow Wize on Twitter, and keep up with his latest projects at the sites listed below: 
Indie Creative Network 
The Encore Radio Show Podcast  
The POC Report Podcast

Do you know a millennial doing great work in the community? If so, pitch us why they should be featured in our next Millennial Monday.

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