In case you haven't heard, Minorities in Media Connect is getting ready to serve up some serious knowledge with its very first Meeting Of The Minds (MOTM) event. So, what exactly is MOTM? So glad you asked! 

We can all agree that in an ever-evolving media landscape, the skills and expertise required to navigate this new digital terrain are more important than ever. A guest panel of industry leaders designed for us, by us, will join forces next week to inform innovative solutions to the challenges with which minority professionals are often faced.

If you've ever wondered about the future of media jobs, trends cropping up in media reporting and its consumption, or even how to inform your participation in crucial conversations at the intersection of media and tech, you need to be there. Take a second to RSVP for the event here so you don't miss us at the BuzzFeed office come May 18th. 

Once you've checked that crucial step off the list, ready your questions for our incredible panelists by reading up on their stories below:


Lisa Franceour-Mesa
Enterprise Relationship Manager, LinkedIn
Motivational Fashionista, Fancyfied

A proud alumna of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Lisa had every intention of becoming a stylist following graduation. After jumping into the fashion world with both feet (and meeting some very notable celebrities in the process), she quickly realized it wasn't paying the bills. Enter a career in sales. "If I can convince security guards to let me into the hottest parties, I can sell stuff," she thought. She was right.

When talent met opportunity, Lisa landed herself a job at a startup, thereby launching her career in the world of tech. Lisa, now an Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn, has kept her passion for fashion alive and well. She's also the Motivational Fashionista-in-Charge at Fancyfied, a lifestyle brand focused on strategic personal branding. If that weren't enough, she was recognized in 2016 with the Women at LinkedIn Inspiration Award, and in 2017 with the "Relationships Matter" Award for her work at Fancyfied Fridays, a positivity group designed to empower LinkedIn employees to harness the power of positivity.



Jozen Cummings
Senior Manager, Bleacher Report for Snapchat Discover

Not only has Jozen Cummings taken over the Snapchat Discover channel for Bleacher Report, he's damn good at it. The new channel, launched January 18th, already reaches an average of 1M+ visitors a day. Cummings, armed with over a decade of media experience, is a journalist, editor and manager.  He's also the former host of a podcast, Empire, The Afterparty, a 10-episode series featured on WNYC about (you guessed it) the show Empire. You can catch up on it here

Not only is he a multimedia content creator, he's a mogul in the making. In August of 2009, he launched his personal blog, Until I Get Married, which is currently in development to be a television series with Warner Bros Studios. His work has been featured in a wide array of publications, including: GQThe Wall Street Journal and the Columbia Journalism Review. Like we said – mogul.



Lynee Luque
Head of HR Business Partners, Global Revenue & Partnerships, Twitter

Lynee is the powerhouse keeping the tech sphere on its toes. A UC Berkley grad with a mind for business, she went on to earn her MBA from the University of Michigan. Previously, she was Head of Business Partnerships for Mozilla. Currently, she makes her impact as the Director of Human Resources for Twitter where she oversees the management of Twitter's Diversity & Inclusion team. If you're looking to learn how to make impactful relationships in the tech space, she's the expert so gather round.






Julian Mitchell
Columnist, Forbes

To be fair, it's likely that you've come across some of Julian's work before. After all, he is an award-winning marketer, instructor and multimedia journalist who has crafted content for major brands like Honda, Wells Fargo, Google and more. Now a columnist at Forbes, you can check out his work covering entrepreneurs and disrupters in tech here. As another young mogul in the making, you may know him from his previous work with Diddy on the launch of REVOLT Media & TV. Catch his latest brainchild "Get Paid to Be Yourself," an editorial series that delves into cashing in on your unique brand.




Are you as hyped as we are? Yeah, we thought so. If you haven't done so already, get your name on the list here before spaces run out.Trust us, you don't want to miss this! 

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