Yari Blanco of theGIRLMOB talks the game of media and linking women of color

It's no secret that women of color are ambitious AF. Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Yari Blanco, created theGIRLMOB, a digital platform that uplifts and connects women of color making their mark in the world. We rapped with Yari about her experience in the media industry and beyond.

Who are you?
I'm the Founder & Editor in Chief of theGIRLMOB

What has your experience been working in the media industry?
It's been a lot of different things. I've had great experiences with co-workers that taught me valuable lessons and stayed friends… and I've dealt with bosses that were verbally abusive. I think media is a tough field because of the culture that has been created around it. A lot of your success is based on how much people like you. I've seen people in positions that they were not equipped to lead in (lol) [but such is life].

What is TGM and what real-life experiences prompted the creation of it?
theGIRLMOB is a digital platform for women of color. We aim to bridge the communication gap between WOC while celebrating and highlighting those making their mark. I started it because I felt our stories lived in silos and I wanted them all to come together. The more we learn about each other, the better we can be to one another.

What void does TGM fill for women of color?
I think we are the place where MANY women of color can see themselves as a unit. My team is a representation of that as we have WOC that are from different backgrounds and upbringings… I don't really see that anywhere else.

What are some of the biggest obstacles you've faced when creating this brand?
Money is the biggest one (and probably for most people), but you learn to get creative and to really think about your resources. I certainly am no longer scared to ask for things — rejection is a part of the game, but so are the wins.

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How can others get involved in TGM? Following us on social! Reading the things our awesome writers work on, coming to our events, listening to our podcast. We're available in different ways, choose one (or all) and we'll be there to hold you down.

Is there anything else you'd like our community to know about TGM?
We're a young brand with a lot of heart and spunk. My team works really hard to make things happen, and so far we've done an excellent job. We really care about WOC and the way we treat each other… as well as the way society treats us. We hope to keep you informed, laughing and feeling loved.

Digging theGIRLMOB energy? Check them out for more info and TGM Day Recap below: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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