Zoe Zeigler Breaks Down the Business of Content Marketing during Office Hours

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From creation, publishing, and distribution, content marketing is a hot industry term with a lot of responsibility behind it. Content needs to be authentic, valuable, targeted, and actual drive business goal. It sounds great until one of these goals aren't met. We caught up with marketing all-star, Zoe Zeigler to talk about her experience being on the publisher and brand side of media and how that's led her to drive the content marketing space. 

Who are you and where are you from?
I’m Zoé Zeigler, a marketing leader for top global brands spanning fashion to finance.

What has your experience been working in the media industry?
I’ve had the great opportunity to grow in my career at some pretty cool companies. I started on the brand side at Toyota, where I spent almost a decade; transitioned into a media company at Condè Nast working on Teen Vogue–what girl doesn’t love beauty and fashion? [I] moved into the tech scene at Google and this year I transitioned to JPMorgan Chase, which I’m loving. Alongside my “big brand” career, I also co-founded and led ColorComm NYC, where I was able to support other women of color in media.

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Can you describe your current responsibilities as the Vice President of Content Marketing at JPMorgan & Chase & Co.?
I manage marketing partnerships and branded content strategy for the company. A lot of my job involves collaborating with nearly a dozen media companies, such as Vice, Vox, Ozy and The Atlantic, to envision and roll out content that serves a dual purpose—improving the overall reputation of JPMorgan Chase by telling authentic stories about our impact in the world, while at same time providing our target audience on these media platforms with content they find valuable and helpful in some way. Content marketing has to marry the brand’s goals with the audience’s goals in order to be impactful, and that’s what I’m focusing on achieving every day.

How do you make sure that the work you're creating is inclusive of minority voices and faces?
As a marketer, it’s impossible for me to feel like I’m doing my job unless I see diversity in the projects I put out. It’s not just about me being a woman of color. To me, the simplest responsibility all marketers and advertisers have is to put out work that accurately represents the communities in which they do business. And those customers and communities are more and more diverse every day, regardless of the product you’re selling, the brand you’re working at or industry you’re marketing for.

There's a misconception about the available opportunities outside of the traditional agency or publisher track. You've worked at Teen Vogue and ColorComm, but also worked for brands like Toyota and Google. How do you compare working with media-focused companies versus working on the brand side of a company?
I think that one reason I’m able to do my job so well at this point in my career is that I’ve had experience on both the brand side and the media side. I have a true understanding of what goes on on both sides of the marketing/advertising equation, which helps me roll out campaigns that are successful and impactful. On the brand side, I was able to hone the ins and outs of developing a marketing strategy, and I really learned how to develop a marketing program that impacts core business goals. On the media side, I learned how media packages should be developed and priced, and I was able to work across almost 50 different brands from all different categories to ideate and test cutting-edge marketing programs that improved my creativity.

Zoe Zeigler Breaks Down Content Marketing MiMConnect

Is there anything else you'd like MiMbers to know about you and your work?
As we grow in our careers, I think we all have a responsibility to make sure we’re helping to advance others coming up with us or behind us. I often get questions from people wanting advice about some aspect of their professional life, so this year I launched Office Hours with Zoe to make sure I’m easily accessible for those requests and to hold myself accountable for carving out time to support others, especially those who look like me, women and people of color.

Want to learn more about Zoe Zeigler? Check her out: Website | Instagram | Office Hours

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