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From content creators to companies, one of the biggest challenges in the industry is noise. And often times even the best of brands are tested with competing against an oversaturated marketplace. For the inexperienced, a quick fix solution to garnering attention is simply starting an account on social media and praying for the best. But, the reality is if your mission, target audience, and strategy are out of whack, congratulations — you've fallen victim to the abyss of weak storytelling and dry content. Taking WeWork's presence by storm, social media strategist Dominique Brielle Fluker has created her own guiding light in captivating and growing audiences. From unique personal experiences through women of color to even immersing herself in the Israeli culture for copywriting, Dominique differentiates herself by leveraging the data to identify the holes and context to fill it. Here's what she had to say about content strategy and social storytelling. 

How do you define media and how does it impact you both personally and professionally?
I define media as influence. Social media allows us to disseminate information, create niche communities and connect on a personal level with brands (e.g. consumer and lifestyle marketing). The audience, more than ever has the unique opportunity to influence companies in real-time. Outside of my profession, media has allowed me to have an active and impactful voice in the world and provide a platform for those who aren’t able to share their opinions and accomplishments, as seen on my blog, Werque by Dominique Brielle.

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Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy – what's the difference, and what's the thought process behind executing impactful strategies?
Content strategy is used to map out and curate content for social media platforms to encourage the audience to connect with businesses. A content strategy is the high-level vision that guides content development to deliver against a specific business objective. Content marketing focuses on the distribution of relevant content to attract and retain an audience in order to gain a measurable return on investment.. Content marketing aims to achieve the brand’s goals by ensuring the content is valuable and meaningful to the consumer.

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Werque By Dominique Brielle is a dope passion project, especially for millennial women. Talk to us more about why this keeps you fulfilled as a professional and what you've learned from the industry to drive your own brand.
I needed a safe space. I needed to create my own corner on the internet, that allowed me to be transparent and broken, while still giving myself the room to honor my growth. I needed to showcase the diverse and awesome millennial women of color in my life because I didn’t see that happening consistently. Although I love being a copywriter, I wanted to experience the pleasure of writing long form again in addition to building my online presence. Werque by Dominique Brielle, started as a test to see if I could brand myself while still keeping my personality and substance. By working with social influencers, I got inspired to actively put myself out there by using my personality as leverage to create a relatable and accessible platform.

“Content is King" means a lot in this industry. Are there areas that brands, companies, and creators are not fully tapping into from a digital strategy perspective? Where can they emphasize more edge?
Not having an authentic and consistent brand voice. What does your company believe in? What’s the mission statement and how is it impactful? Without establishing the purpose behind the company, the content will come across stale, non-believable and non-relatable. A lot of brands fail at not doing the proper and needed research on their audience and consumer target, which stifles digital content and overall branding.

What are your favorite tools to build out a solid social media plan and why?
Crimson Hexagon and Sysomos. Both Crimson Hexagon and Sysomos are social listening tools designed to provide businesses with consumer insights necessary to create high-performing campaigns. When launching a social campaign, it’s extremely important to have a deep understanding of the target consumer and what motivates the audience behind any brand. With Crimson Hexagon and Sysomos, I’m able to unlock audience insights through social data and analytics to build content strategy.

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Dominique Fluker at a Red Carpet Event for Air New Zealand

How are you being a voice and not an echo in this industry?
I pride myself on inspiring black millennials to thrive in media through representation and creativity. When copywriting and executing social media strategy for TIDAL and Visit Israel, I always kept copy fresh and engaging by using current events, languages and phrases rooted in context. When I wrote for Visit Israel, the audience and client didn't know that I was an African-American woman and actually thought I was Israeli. I conducted thorough research to identify and curate a new tone of voice by infusing Israeli culture and Hebrew phrases, to immerse myself in their lifestyle. By demonstrating creativity, grit and strategic research, I still exemplify leadership and versatility by also giving African-American women a major and influential platform to showcase their career accomplishments (Women@Forbes).

I encourage all millennials that are interested in media to disrupt the status quo by progressing forward even when you are consistently told no, dismissed or find yourself being the only one at the table. There is no limit. I will never let fear overcome my life and will continue to push forward to new heights that weren't expected of me.

Want to learn more about Dominique Fluker Check her out: LinkedIn | Portfiolio | Instagram | Werque by Dominique Brielle

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