3 Benefits Of Freelancing For The Young Professional


By: DeMicia Inman

From an outsider's perspective freelancing can seem like it doesn't genuinely assist you while building your career. They assume that moving from job to job instead of growing with one company consistently doesn't add much to a resume. However, there are a plethora of benefits to being a freelancer. Whether it’s reporting, blogging, photography or any other skill, being a freelancer can add momentum to your seemingly never-ending career search.

1. Freelancing is a great way to network

As a freelancer you're often invited to many different events. Use these events as opportunities to introduce yourself to professionals whom you may not have met before. Networking is more than just introducing yourself. Let them know why you are there. Have business cards or flash drives containing your resume ready to hand out to those who spark your interest. 

2. Freelancing builds your portfolio

All the work completed as a freelancer can be added to your portfolio. This is especially great if your freelance work was published by a local newspaper, magazine or popular website. These little assignments can add up to a killer portfolio that can help you land your dream job.  Keep print outs, copies and links of all of your freelance work.

3. Use freelancing to build a clientele

Want to go into business for yourself? Freelancing is the perfect way to build a steady and consistent clientele list.  These clients have colleagues who may be in need of the same style of work. Word-of-mouth is still the strongest form of marketing and you can gain a profitable following this way. You can also use your clients as references for future job opportunities. Go the extra mile and request a recommendation on Linkedin after your freelancing job is complete. 

There are countless other benefits to freelancing. As a freelancer, you set the prices for your work. To find freelance opportunities, search local job boards and networking sites.  Craigslist can be great tools when seeking freelance opportunities or posting ads to gain clients.

What are you waiting for? Start your freelance journey today!

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