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Dedicated to diversifying industry*

Minorities in Media Connect (Mimconnect) is a platform that connects mid to senior level professional and freelancers of color with progressive-thinking companies that value authenticity, visibility and career advancement for their employees. Our dedication for multicultural representation in leadership positions has allowed us to build an organic community of marketers, journalists, creatives, innovators and more who are driving change within the industry.

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Netta Dobbins


“There’s a clear divide between the number of professionals of color in entry and admin positions versus those in leadership positions. Mimconnect aims to fill that void by building a pipeline of diverse talent and innovative companies that want to reach the next level and truly drive their bottom line through diverse initiatives and representation.”

- On Creating Mimconnect

Bianca Jenty


“We need decision makers that understand how perspective leverages nuance for global reach. No one wants to be in the business of diversity and inclusion, but the leaders that internalize it as a business priority, and not just social good, are the ones that will lead on the right side of history.”

- On Elevating The industry