How Turner’s Jasmine Clennon Is Reimagining TV Advertising Through Digital Insights

Advertising and innovation are two married concepts with zero outlook for divorce. Since the first commercial appeared on television in 1941, advertisers’ approach to linear advertising has evolved with the advent of the internet. However, with the introduction of the third screen and the new content spaces that it supplements, it simply isn’t enough to lean on standard demographic targeting to increase awareness of your brand's latest products. By using audience-based strategic approaches, often only seen in the digital space, brands and advertisers are changing the standard of television advertisements forever.

Innovators like Jasmine Fowlkes Clennon, Turner Ignite's Senior Manager of Activation, find themselves at the crux of TV's rejuvenation. Recipient of the Cablefax’s 2017 “Overachievers under 30” Award and 2016 ARF Outstanding Pro’s Recipient, Jasmine's ability to use insights across platforms allows her to re-imagine TV advertising. We had the opportunity to speak with Clennon about the state of the TV industry and her plan to lead it.

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Jasmine, thanks so much for chatting with us. Tell us about who you are, where you’re from and your approach to navigating this industry.

I’m Jasmine Fowlkes Clennon, originally hailing from Pensacola, Florida, but have resided in Harlem for the past six years. Over the past eight years of my career, I've worked within Ad Sales Research, Integrated Marketing Research, and Marketing Analytics across print, digital and linear TV platforms. I’m the Senior Manager of Activation within Turner’s Ad Innovation & Programmatic Solutions group, also known as Turner IGNITE. I work hand-in-hand with clients, agencies, and advertisers to execute advanced audience targeting solutions while leveraging new data, analytics, and technology.

One of my key mottos in navigating my career has been, “Always follow the growth." I’ve been intentional about aligning myself with people, places, and products that are going to directly result in growth and advancement, and learning as much as I can in these experiences.

How do you define media? How does it impact you as a person and as a professional?

I define media as a platform or consortium that distributes information or content of any kind. What fascinates me is how the media landscape is changing so quickly. Companies like Amazon and Facebook are now moving to challenge established media companies, like television and film. Every company you can think of is now in the “media business” and distributes original content. For minorities in media like myself, our career opportunities are endless, and long gone are the days where you need to have a job at a traditional media company in order to gain industry experience.

What is Turner Ignite and how does your current role allow you to impact the business?

Turner Ignite is a first-of-its-kind “startup” within Turner, solely focused on re=imagining advertising through data-driven advertising. Through the Ignite ad targeting capabilities, agencies and advertisers are now able to abandon their standard demo and buy the exact audience they are ideally looking to reach on linear television. (i.e. “Millennial Stay-at-Home Moms” versus just “Women 25-54”).

In my current role as Senior Manager, I lead the Activation team, which works hand-in-hand with clients, agencies, and advertisers to execute these advanced audience targeting schedules from start to finish. With linear audience targeting being fairly new in the marketplace, I have a direct impact on the industry by leveraging new data, analytics, and technology to power the next generation of products for the Turner business. I truly believe we are in the midst of a pivotal change in the television industry as a whole.

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Millennial Panel featuring Jasmine Clennon and Turner colleagues talk to CEO of Turner, John Martin

What are some gems for advertisers to use when empowering their campaigns with data?

With the breadth of data at our disposal, advertisers can really get creative when targeting audiences on TV. More advertisers are coming forward and fusing their own first-party customer databases to TV viewership data for use in our targeting campaigns. Another major trend is the adoption of geo-location data, which means using foot traffic, in-store visits or movie theater visits to drive outcomes.

How do you see the relationship between TV and social branded content changing in 2018?

Social branded content will continue to increase and feel more “native” and less overt and disruptive than traditional television advertising. To account for that, I believe you’ll see more TV networks (much like Turner) continue to experiment with LCI (Limited Commercial Interruption) to make sure the consumer viewing experience is enjoyable.

Photographed by Mark Clennon Photography

How do you want to define yourself in this industry?
I want to be known as a well-respected, multi-faceted subject matter expert in the advertising realm, but also as someone who advocated for people of color in the industry. Although the accolades are nice, what’s important is the legacy and opportunities you leave behind for those to come after you — especially in today’s society. I want to be known as a leader in the advertising game who helped pave the way (and kick down doors and break ceilings) for others.

Want to learn more about Jasmine Clennon? Check her out: LinkedIn | Twitter Instagram

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