Smile A Day: Selena’s Response To Sadness

Endorphins, a group of hormones within our brain and nervous system, have many benefits. They make us feel better and they act as a natural painkiller. The easiest way to release endorphins? Smile. In this creative highlight, we spoke with Selena Davant of Smile A Day, a photo-journalistic platform offering a look into the richness of life through the lens of a smile.

Each day a new smiling portrait is posted on Smile A Day's social media platforms alongside the answer to a simple but personal question “What makes you happy?” "My form of brand journalism, my plan of attack rather with my project is to go into a community, sometimes unfamiliar surroundings and simply connect with people. My goal is to not only create a collection of beautiful portraits and positive stories but also bring a new perspective of life. You know the law of attraction, to attract positive things in one  live, one should start by giving off positive energy," explains Selena.

Smile A Day was born from sadness. "It was my way to turn a negative situation that I was in (in that case a break up) into something positive. That’s how I live my life. I do my best to always focus on finding positive solutions," says Selena.


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