Symbolism and Conceptualism in the Work of Worldwide Yung

Talented Los Angeles visual artist Sabir Hall's, also known as Worldwide YUNG, artwork will make you look twice. First, you notice the colors, the patterns, the physical piece, then you're drawn into the meaning of it. In this creative highlight, we touch on his inspiration, passion and creative process. 

Visual artist, musician and owner of streetwear brand, GRLSXGLD, Sabir splits most of his time between his personal and professional endeavors. His inspiration stems from nature and colors. "Observing the correlation between natural occurrences and objects usually opens up a world of imagination for me. For example, the color hues of a sunset inspire me to try and recreate that same feeling & vibe. Usually the most commonly overlooked things inspire and interest me," explains Sabir.

When starting new projects Sabir focuses on being fluid. "I start with a blank template and sort of let my creativity take me wherever it pleases. I normally don't know the end result or direction until I'm there. Working like this usually allows me to not be limited by anything and with each piece, I tend to end up with a completely different vibe," he says.


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