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Web Series for Summer ’16

About three years ago, I decided to cancel my cable subscription — the best decision of my adult life — and dove into the world of web series. A friend of mine told me about a YouTube station geared towards Black millennial culture. I immediately became hooked and an advocate for everything Black and Sexy. I literally saw myself in these characters — the good, the bad and the ugly.


As "the leading network for young & progressive Black people since 2008” a world that is relatable, hilarious and extracted from real life. Very reminiscent of '90s Black television with an abundance of positive vibes and life lessons, the channel’s series began to create buzz with its breakout show The Couple. Picked up by HBO, this show teaches us all how to overcome or at least accept the awkward and annoying situations in a relationship, with witty humor and a badass cast. The Black & Sexy TV programming began to blossom with shows speaking up for the Players, That Guy, the Hopeless Romantics, Yellow, the Tough Cookies, RoomieLoverFriends, and the Desperate, Hello Cupid.


With a new wave of writers and talent, Black & Sexy TV has expanded its roster, creating more shows including SexlessChef JulianRider and the reboot to The Number and Hello Cupid

Black & Sexy is the voice of our generation when it comes to telling the stories of our lives. Across the nation, you can now catch Black & Sexy TV series on BET and on Centric. 

Check out the first episode “Chef Julian" below.  


Header photo courtesy of Black&Sexy TV's Twitter Page

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